Opes Robur

Opes Robur

  • 62 Canterbury Grove, London, London, United Kingdom (UK)
920.00 AED

A Bold handcrafted crystal bracelet. Finished in 18k White Gold.

700.00 AED

Handcrafted luxury paved crystal bracelet. Finished with fine 18K Rose Gold.

800.00 AED

A Beautiful handcrafted crystal bracelet. Finished in 18K White Gold.

800.00 AED

A beautiful handcrafted paved crystal bracelet. Finished in 24K Yellow Gold.

545.00 AED

Titanium steel and finished in gold vermeil

565.00 AED

Rose gold vermeil with solid silver base ring

856.00 AED

Slim screw cuff bracelet

858.00 AED

Cuff bracelet

654.00 AED

Silver bracelet

861.00 AED

Titanium finished in 24K yellow gold cuff