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Fcube Modest Fashion Model

Free spirited, vivacious, gourmet and truly cosmopolitan, Chandan is the girl about town. A Marketing Specialist by profession, Chandan brings to her audience the MUST BE places to see, shop and devour across the globe. Her podium Fcube - Fun, Fearless, Fashion-Forward is a special cocktail of style combined with wanderlust.

All eyes on me 2019 In my own zone 2019 My
1. When having a bad hair day I wear extra makeup and a headband to take the attention off my hair.

2. I never throw away statement pieces! Save your quirky coats, bags, sunglasses and accessories, when the trend comes back years later, you'll be a step ahead of the game with a vintage piece at hand.

3. When running short on time or carrying a really small purse, all you need is an eyebrow pencil and a dark shade of lippy to look 'put together' .
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