Our Values

What set us apart is our value. Our value and our brand is the same coin with two sides. We believe it is important to have  defined set of values to guide us throughout the journey and evolve as we grow.


We are adventurous with no small plans, failures are our opportunities and we learn as we go.


Embracing diversity, belonging, accepting one another is the foundation of a culture that creates the unparalleled competitive advantage. We do everything with care and compassion, helping one another to thrive.


We look for both the joy and laughter doing everything. We do things in unconventional way.


With persistence and group effort. We are unstoppable, delivering value across the way for us and our partners.


We move fast, adapt and change get things done, believing opportunities have a shelf life.


With a global mindset, we speak our minds directly, honestly and kindly building trust and bridging the gap between cultures.


We love what we create and we are all-in for the long haul building a business and a work community we pride off; we celebrate our success, our team, our individuality.

Grow With Us

The Fashion Landscape is changing. Be part of the Middle East fashion revolution

We are committed to introducing new designers with their creative work and we will be delighted to have you on board with us.

As a partner, we both share the same objective to sell, be successful, and have great fun while doing it. By working together as a team, by partnering, we are setting the stage for success.

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