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Women Jumpsuit

Women’s jumpsuit is a must-have in any wardrobe What is our best time-saving fashion advice? Choose a playsuit or jumpsuit from our selection of designer options. Our wide selection covers both special occasions and everyday wear, from summer halternecks to strapless corsets and all-in-ones. Your viewing pleasure awaits in the form of retro and futuristic shapes in vibrant florals and seductive hues.

Jumpsuits were first developed in 1919 as practical clothing for parachutists who, as their name implies, leaped from airplanes. To provide complete coverage for the daredevils, these early designs had to be slim-fitting. You'll notice that our assortment still includes these timeless silhouettes and practical stretch-woven items. Also painstakingly replicated here are the wide-leg jumpsuits and overalls that women who worked with explosives during the Second World War wore at the time. Look for styles that have plunging v-necks and flared legs that are reminiscent of the flowy clothing that was fashionable in the 1960s and 1970s. Self-tie belts with shaping cutout patterns add a modern touch.