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alamana dress

Julia is wearing Alamana dress, named after the famous battle fought between Greeks and Ottomans. A style original Alamana dress is a boxy shape dress with ruffled bottom. Made from a combination of two different patterns designed by ‘ergon Mykonos team is a style perfect for this summer. Featuring round scarfed neck, long sleeves, long length, ruffled bottom and loose fit. Pattern inspiration: “Agamemnon” pattern, available in three different colors, is inspired by the conquering warship that Laskarina Bouboulina used during the Greek revolution. Her warship is depicted and mentioned in almost all references and paintings showing the Greek heroine. Style inspiration: Alamana style is conceived as one piece combining two different ideas the scarves that women wore at their heads and tied around their necks and the pleats from the traditional fustanella. Julia is wearing size S and is 1.80cm tall.

athanasia dress

Julia is wearing Athanasia dress. The elongated straps are secured with a feminine tie on the shoulder and the oversized fit corresponds to ‘ergon Mykonos fashion proposals. This style features a playful and voluminous silhouette perfect for all those events during summer that will make you stand out from the crowd. Paired it with ‘ergon Mykonos mules to complete the look. Let artistic creation be the guiding principle in your wardrobe. Pattern inspiration: “1821” is a pattern conceived as a “heroic mosaic” composed by different emblems taken from the Greek revolution. Almost like an abstract design the pattern depicts the year of the revolution 1821, the tsarouxi shoe, the scimitar, the cross and the flag. Available in three different colors, mauve, yellow, pink. Style inspiration: the style takes characteristic details form the clothes of that time such as the décolleté, which is often found at shirts and dresses of the time. Also the straps are long creating a feminine tie on the shoulder.