Who We Are

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Unearthing talent from across the globe COVETI is the Middle East home of undiscovered luxury. We take you on a journey of discovery to find hidden treasures discovering something new. We believe hearty adventure is about being unique and precious, to be radical, fearless and just be you. Why look the same as everyone else when you can wear COVETI.



The Way We Do Things

We exist to fill a gap to inspire a change to realize a dream and create value along the way.

For international brands we act as the Middle East market access for UAE and regional brands we support, we connect and we globalize because we simply believe in a leveling playing field empowering fashion start-up, designers, manufacturers, boutiques, businesses and communities to thrive.


Our platform seamlessly connects across different verticals addressing Middle East market gap and demand from one side and suppliers from the other side.

Beyond seamless integration, it is all about personalizing touchpoint along the customer journey together with a robust data platform, we help brands to compete and globalize. The fashion landscape is changing and we’re here to inspire and empower.


Feeling the joy of discovering hidden treasure, unearthing talent before anyone else, COVETI is treasure trove this is our ethos that is why we created COVETI.

Our treasure hunters do the hard work for you; sourcing exquisite one of kind items that will make you fall in love.

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What We Value

Discover what set us a part

We strive to inspire, and we are a family of diverse people sharing one common goal

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