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At Coveti our aim is to provide our customers with a hand-picked selection of innovative products, from some of the world’s greatest upcoming designers. Creating a luxurious marketplace, which is as easy to use as it is chic, we offer our customers only the best. For our brands, a dedicated marketing team helps to promote them on the site. Sharing details about its story and collections on the marketplace, we have also built the Coveti blog and social media platforms to further our reach. Routine newsletters and an offline PR also help us to offer a 360 approach for our brands.

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Three Reasons To Join Coveti

We hand select each and every brand we work with and do not consider designers that do not fit with our core values. It is extremely important to us to offer our customers something new and different, as well as following a sustainable approach. We love discovering new brands and finding one of a kind from across the globe. If you think your brand aligns well Coveti values, get in touch we would love to learn more about what you do.
three reasons to sell with Coveti

How much could I earn?

Find out the sales potential your shop could have on Coveti.com


Here’s a few of the many benefits we have on offer:

Customized online sales system

Our customized system allows you to confirm orders and book courier services to pick up packages directly from your boutique. No need to go to the post office.

Global shipping at discounted rates

Coveti bears most of the cost, so you can ship the product to any part of the world at the same flat rate, and there is no extra charge for express shipping options.

Access to a global customer base

82% of our brands receive orders within 2 days of launch, and 97% of Coveti sales come from customers outside of its GCC region.

World-class customer support

Our in-house customer service team is available 7 days a week to answer any questions you or your customers may have about the order.

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