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Opes Rouber with a new way of living. Pamper yourself to the beauty of the world through Opes Robur jewellery. Keep your mind and heart open to the possibilities life can bring you by wearing our line of necklaces and earrings. If you’re looking for a sign, let us be it.

Opes Robur is a new line of jewellery. The name Opes Robur means “open your mind” in Latin which is what this jewellery line intends to do with its unique designs. Nicholas Braun believes that as humans, we should always be open to new ideas and experiences. His goal is to be able to create timeless jewellery.

We know you fell in love with Opes Robur from the first look. So now it’s time to fall even more in love with the feeling of the gold and platinum we use for our beautiful, hand-crafted jewellery. Opes Robur prides itself on quality, precision, and style – so it’s no surprise we have a strong international following.